Baggage processing at Spanish airports will be disrupted to the labour protests, Source: Depositphotos

Strikes will affect Spanish airports on these two days in December

Strikes will affect Spanish airports on these two days in December

The baggage handlers in 46 airports will walk out on their duties so disruptions to operations are to be expected

The General Workers’ Union (UGT) has announced a nationwide strike of the baggage handlers working at 46 airports all over Spain. The labour action will take place on two separate days – 5 and 10 December – and is likely to cause significant disruptions and delays for passengers.

The dates for the strike seem to be quite deliberate as to cause major inconvenience for the travel sector in the Iberian country. The strikes have been planned to precede and follow two Spanish national public holidays – Constitution Day (6 December) and Immaculate Conception Day (8 December).

The public holidays mean that many people have taken 7 December off as well, in order to get what is commonly known as “puente” (a long weekend, literally “bridge”) and visit relatives in other parts of the country.

Chronic labour dissatisfaction

UGT, Spain’s general union of workers, said it was calling the strike due to Spanish airport operator Aena continuing "without a real, concrete and clear commitment” on how to act in situations of non-compliance with its labour agreements.

The trade union accuses the operator of long-term and constant non-compliance in the question of workers’ rights over the last seven years. Chiefly, this was motivated by Aena’s decision to take the ground staff licence away from Iberia airline and offer it to companies, which are cheaper but cavalier about commitment to respect the rights of the employees.

The situation has been so grave that matters have reached the Spanish court system where the dispute has been taken for adjudication.

The industrial action is sure to create notable chaos at the airport, so travellers are advised to prepare for significant delays to their flights.



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