The new electric cargo bikes are perfect for getting kids to where they need to go , Source: City of Stuttgart

Stuttgart offers social electric cargo bike rentals for as low as 20 euros

Stuttgart offers social electric cargo bike rentals for as low as 20 euros

The new service is aimed at low-income households, which quite often cannot afford a car

On Tuesday, the city of Stuttgart in Germany launched a cargo bike rental service aimed specifically at low-income households. According to a statement by the city, electric bikes can replace cars for some, as they offer ample cargo space, as well as secure seating for children.

Additionally, the city will provide a total of 60 electric cargo bikes, 30 of which are already available. The second half will come into Stuttgart’s inventory in February 2023. Also, the bikes will be available only through a long-term rental scheme, with prices pegged to a household’s income.

Just transition towards sustainable mobility

According to Stuttgart officials, buying an electric cargo bike is a luxury that some households just cannot afford, especially considering some do not even have a car. This is why local authorities see this as a mobility social offer.

The bikes can only be rented through a long-term agreement with Stuttgart, that lasts a minimum of six months. This is because there are quite a few short-term rental offers in the city. The plan is intended to function more like a subscription to public transport. After the initial six months, the rental agreement for the bikes can be terminated on a month-by-month basis.

Also, while the bikes are open to all Stuttgart residents, they are mostly aimed at low-income households. This is why the city has decided that rental prices will be pegged to a household’s income. Thus, the bikes could cost as low as 20 euros per month.

They also feature a large transport box that can be fitted with chairs and seatbelts with the contact points, making them a perfect sustainable option for getting children to where they need to go.



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