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Stuttgart’s pop-up bike lanes receive state recognition

Stuttgart’s pop-up bike lanes receive state recognition

Their rapid creation was awarded during a special ceremony last week

Earlier this year, during the height of the coronavirus pandemic, authorities in the German city of Stuttgart reached the decision to create numerous pop-up bike lanes that would make cycling easier and more convenient at the expense of other traditional modes of travel.

Their implementation and use were heralded as a massive success which was also officially recognized last week with the pop-up bike lanes on Theodor ‐ Heuss ‐ Strasse and Holzgartenstrasse winning the “We're making mobility revolution!” state award in the “Corona special prize” category. It was awarded on December 3rd by Transport Minister Winfried Hermann at a special online event.

Making the best out of a bad situation

The city of Stuttgart’s pop-up bike lanes project was presented by the bicycle commissioners Eva Adam and Dirk Herrmann, heads of the traffic control and traffic management department at the public order office, who entered the competition on the local government’s behalf.

The jury was eager to point out the strengths of the approach taken by authorities in Stuttgart, praising their quick thinking and rapid decision making. The reasoning for bestowing the reward to Stuttgart stated that “In spring 2020, the city administration used the exceptional situation caused by the corona pandemic to temporarily create an additional bike offer in Stuttgart. For example, one car lane each in Holzgartenstrasse and Theodor Heuss Strasse could be temporarily rededicated as a cycle lane.

Through the so-called pop-up bike lanes, the space required for safe and fast driving through the city was given as a trial for cycling on the otherwise busy streets. The quick implementation of the idea made it possible for the people in Stuttgart to experience how quickly and practically one can get through the city by bike if the appropriate space is created. "

The recognition for the city’s efforts provided yet another piece of evidence as to why the pop-up bike paths should remain in place. For example, the lane in Holzgartenstrasse will remain in place until further notice while the overall findings that were gathered on Theodor ‐ Heuss ‐ Straße were incorporated into the planning for a permanent and structural cycle path which will be presented to the local council later in December.



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