One of the mottos of #UF23 held in Stuttgart, Source: Urban Future

Stuttgart welcomes the world with Urban Future 2023 event

Stuttgart welcomes the world with Urban Future 2023 event

Running until 23 June, the part-conference, part-festival event is complete fun when it comes to all things urban

The CityChangers from all corners of the world have descended upon Stuttgart and the buzz is on – Urban Future Week 2023 (#UF23) is officially here to do its part in accelerating urban development and change in ways that will surprise and delight us.

At Urban Future, which runs until the end of 23 June, more than 250 speakers will give presentations on the various aspects of sustainable urban development during the first two days of the event.

On Friday, the third day of the event, there will be more than 35 field trips that will provide unique behind-the-scenes glimpses. For example, the world's first adaptable high-rise building can be visited, which can adjust to sun, wind, and rain.

Stuttgart in the spotlight

Urban Future is the largest European event for experts, politicians, entrepreneurs and doers who shape cities in a sustainable way. Every year it takes place in a different city and this year the honour goes to the southern German city of Stuttgart, known for its auto industry traditions.

But it may also come as a surprise to many that the city is a champion in the green sphere, too. So much so that the German Sustainability Congress named it the country’s most sustainable major city in 2022! Riding on that wave, the local government set itself an ambitious goal – reaching climate-neutral status by 2035 and serving as a role model for transformation.

Playing host of such an important event naturally means having the confidence to show off your own successes and provide working models, or at least pure inspiration to others.

Take the words of Mayor Dr. Frank Nopper as an example: “(We are) a great venue for #UF23 as Stuttgart is a city of inventiveness, creativity and innovation. For example, Robert Bosch wants to get involved in the field of green hydrogen and is starting serial production of fuel cell drive systems in a few days."

Urban Future makes topics visible that otherwise receive less media attention. This is important, as sustainable urban development concerns all citizens. It motivates people with different backgrounds as well as expertise from all over the world to get together.

As the hosting city of #UF23, the city of Stuttgart benefits from the luminaries of future-oriented and sustainable urban development. Now it is up to all participating cities to actively drive transformation. 



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