Lake Vänern is Swden's largest lake, Source: Tourist Board of Western Sweden

Sweden’s newest national cycling road will circle the country’s largest lake

Sweden’s newest national cycling road will circle the country’s largest lake

640 kilometres of Nordic beauty

The Swedish Transport Administration has approved the country’s sixth official national cycling route, called Vänerleden. Its name refers to Lake Vänern in Western Sweden, since the new road will consist of a complete loop around its shores forming a loop route of 640 kilometres.

Eager cyclists, however, will have to wait a little bit – that is until the summer when the road will be formally unveiled after traffic signs have been installed.

Soft mobility infrastructural network

Those who would like to venture out and circumnavigate the large lake can look forward to passing cozy cafes, well-stocked farm shops and restaurants with Whiteguide status that can satisfy hungry stomachs. 

Around Lake Vänern, cyclists will tread on separate cycle paths, low-traffic paved roads but also gravel roads that meander through archipelago landscapes, forest landscapes and fertile arable land. Some of the sections are already used today as cycle paths, other sections are completely new.

Vänerleden is built around four stages of between 140 and 180 km, all of which contain sights and places to visit that together should be suitable for multi-day trips.

The work of connecting the new cycling road has been done by Vänersamarbetet - an association of all 13 municipalities located around Lake Vänern, in close collaboration with the Tourist Board of Western Sweden and Visit Värmland.

“As interest in cycling continues to increase, a national cycling path means that we become even more competitive as a cycling destination in western Sweden and in the area around the whole of Lake Vänern. It also means quality assurance and security for everyone who works with cycling tourism in the region, but also for everyone who comes here to cycle. This is good for both residents and visitors,” explained Henrik Linneros, project manager at the Tourist Board of Western Sweden.



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