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Tallinn and Helsinki to harmonize their public transport networks

Tallinn and Helsinki to harmonize their public transport networks

The same tickets in Tallinn and Helsinki? Why not, asks Tallinn mayor Mikhail Kõlvart

Common borders and shorelines, intertwined histories – the perfect basis for a special relationship between two countries. Such is the case with Estonia and Finland. Ever since the collapse of the USSR, the two states have been hard at work at strengthening their bonds and are always eager to go further.

The foundations of such a relationship, of course stands on the shoulders of citizens and their respective representatives. With local governments being the authorities most heavily linked to their constituents, it should come as no surprise that municipalities are the ones building bridges.

The two capitals – Tallinn and Helsinki, are eager to prove their commitments to advancing cooperation. On the relationship between the two cities, deputy mayor of Helsinki. Anni Sinnemäki stated that " The partnership between our cities is very natural and indispensable."

Concrete proposals

Last week the local government of the Estonian capital held its working session not in its own administrative buildings, but rather in the Finnish capital.

During the meeting, the mayor of Tallinn Mikhail Kõlvart reaffirmed his administration’s commitment to developing and improving relations between the two capitals. He expressed his belief that the two cities should work as one – giving the example of harmonizing their public transport networks and maybe even working towards the creation of a common ticketing system for travelers wishing to use both cities’ buses.

Representatives from Helsinki meanwhile introduced their system of involving citizens in city development planning and expressed hope that soon they will also be allowed hold their own working session in the Estonian capital.

Building on relationships

These recent developments are the latest examples of cooperation between the two cities. Helsinki and Tallinn signed a Memorandum of Cooperation in 2018 covering many facets of urban life. The first such area is mobility and transport – with the long term goal of eventually integrating public transport ticketing systems. Another area of similar cooperation is the common approach towards environmental protection of the Baltic Sea.



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