The awareness campaign urges all Tallinners to get the jab this summer, Source:

Tallinn launches vaccination awareness campaign

Tallinn launches vaccination awareness campaign

The aim is for the city to achieve herd immunity by this autumn

The City of Tallinn launched a social awareness campaign this week, urging everyone who has not yet been vaccinated against Covid-19 to get the jab this summer.  The campaign is unfolding under the motto “Register for vaccination!” and provides a telephone number (1247) and web address ( for booking vaccine appointments. The campaign will initially run until the beginning of July and afterwards as a reminder on billboards, public transport screens, social media and online publications.

New coronavirus wave looming large

According to Tallinn Mayor Mihhail Kõlvart, the campaign is fuelled by concerns of a new coronavirus wave breaking through in the autumn while over half of the population is not adequately shielded.

"Today is the right time to think about how to prevent the new wave this year, and the only effective way to do that is to get vaccinated. As of now, 45 percent of people in Tallinn have been vaccinated with at least one dose, but it is still insufficient to develop the so-called herd immunity. Furthermore, the first dose of the vaccine does not yet provide enough protection and there is a long period between the two injections – so if we want to be protected by autumn, now is the right time to act,” Kõlvart said, as quoted by the city website.

The Mayor added that fast vaccine rollout will be also instrumental in avoiding new lockdown restrictions in case the fourth wave strikes with more infectious variants. "It depends on each and every one of us. While we might get the feeling that the virus is not so perilous in the summer, this impression is deceptive. In some countries, the epidemic situation is still quite critical. The resources for vaccination are at our disposal, we encourage everyone to use them."

Don’t wait, vaccinate!

The City supports the vaccination drive also by financing and maintaining vaccination centres. Tallinn vaccination centres are open to everyone, regardless of their place of residence, and even children aged 12-15 can be registered for vaccination.

Kõlvart said that while until recently there have been more vaccination applicants than available vaccines, the tide has turned. “Now there is a sufficient amount of vaccines, but the beautiful summer weather has reduced the interest in getting a jab. With this campaign, we wish to raise awareness of the need for vaccination and hope that people will take the opportunity to get vaccinated during the summer," concluded the Mayor.

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