A girl placing one of the new QR stickers that lead to workout videos, Source: Tallinn Municipality

Tallinn’s street gyms feature QR codes with workout videos

Tallinn’s street gyms feature QR codes with workout videos

When someone is unsure of how to use the facilities or is new to outdoor training, help will be just a click away

The City of Tallinn has placed QR code stickers on the training equipment of its five sports parks. Scanning the code will send the user to specially-made YouTube short video clips, which demonstrate the correct use of the facilities. The authorities explained that this is their way of showing support to youth and encouraging them to engage in more outdoor and sports activities.

Starting this week, there will be QR stickers in the sports parks of Lasnamäe, Mustamäe and North Tallinn, which can be scanned to watch two video series consisting of short clips on Youtube. The first teaches tricks on the equipment of the street gym and the second teaches lighter exercises. 

Combining sports and the digital sphere

QR stickers are located in Kivila, Tondiraba, Vilde and Kari sports parks and in the green area of ​​Mahtra 16. The Parkuru video series consists of 16 approximately 2-minute videos, where Imre Liivak, the coach of the Parkuur Center, teaches parkour tricks of varying difficulty on the park elements. In a 9-part video series of weight training, Street Workout professional Bronec Jaani teaches how to train on sports fields with the weight of one’s body alone. 

"The city pays more and more attention to youth issues and cooperates with young people in the realization of new ideas and objects. This also applies to areas popular with young people, such as extreme sports," explained Tallinn’s Deputy Mayor Vadim Belobrovtsev. 

"Now that the summer holidays have begun and children and young people have a lot of free time, it is very positive that they can spend their time actively and healthily while in the city."



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