A crosswalk in Tampere with the smart warning post near it, Source: Tampere Municipality

Tampere asks kids for feedback on innovative crosswalk system

Tampere asks kids for feedback on innovative crosswalk system

The pilot project tests the viability of shining the spotlight on pedestrians as a way to improve road safety

The City of Tampere (Finland) is currently testing an innovative tool – an illuminated crosswalk sign placed at six different locations around the municipal territory. The sign, which is more of a lamp post is equipped with smart sensors which can detect an approaching pedestrian. It then starts to flash for a certain time as a way of warning any approaching drivers, spiking their attention to the fact that someone is crossing the street.

The city authorities, however, would also like to know what the residents think about the unusual tech solution on the road. For this purpose, a survey has been offered online at the municipal website for participants to complete.

Traffic tech innovation

The crosswalks included in the experiment are located near Vuorense, Isokuunen, Leinola, Olkahisten and Kalkunvuori schools and on Iidesranta-katu.

The purpose of the flashing crosswalk sign is to help the motorist spot a pedestrian entering the crosswalk more easily in the dark. The traffic sign works with a twilight switch and sensors.

Motorists are asked to evaluate, among other things, whether the flashing of a crosswalk sign helps to detect a pedestrian. Pedestrians, on the other hand, evaluate whether motorists let them cross the crosswalk more often when illuminated crosswalk signs were in use than before.

In the survey, one can give feedback on several crosswalks where an illuminated crosswalk traffic sign is in use. Answering the survey only takes a few minutes per crosswalk. Parents are encouraged to interview their children and answer the survey on their behalf as well.

Meanwhile, every year, the Finnish city receives several requests to implement new pedestrian crossings. New pedestrian crossings are implemented on a discretionary basis. The protected road must have a sufficient number of users, and the location must be safe.



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