tampere bridge, Source: City of Tampere

Tampere’s Kekkosentie bridge boasts new artwork

Tampere’s Kekkosentie bridge boasts new artwork

What makes the new installation truly unique is the fact that the artist created it entirely at a distance due to the coronavirus pandemic

After months of work, the first installation part of the Tampere Ratika’s Art Project has finally been completed on the Kekkosentie bridge in Kaleva. The project is not only unique in its design, but also in the very way that it was created.

Exceptional in style and work

Due to the coronavirus restrictions that have been in place for months and have limited travel to and from Sweden, the Swedish artist responsible for carrying out the project, Katarina Löfström, had to guide the work on the bridge entirely remotely and at a distance. And despite these difficulties, the end results are absolutely marvellous.

Löfström was chosen for the job of creating the first art installation thanks to her rich experience in combining art and different types of architecture. Furthermore, her signature works in flickering patterns and optical illusions also drew the respect and admiration of local officials who approached her for the creation of the special exhibition that combines sunlight and wind to deliver a fabulous vista.

By utilizing SolaRay panels and their light-reflecting and wind-utilizing properties, Löfström has successfully managed to create a bridge that looks as if it moves entirely by itself. The venue also looks entirely different depending on the sunlight and from which direction it hits the art installation.

Local officials in Tampere have been constantly engaged in beautifying the local tram system – of which the Kekkosentie bridge makes up a vital part. A number of temporary exhibitions have already been created but new and permanent ones are now also underway with Löfström’s project being one of the first among them. So far 58 artists have taken part in the city’s Ratika project and have implemented a total of 17 different art projects.



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