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Tartu offers study kits to promote physics education

Tartu offers study kits to promote physics education

The materials and software have been created by local company Praktikal Education OÜ

Estonia’s acclaimed educational system boasts the lowest level of low-performers in Europe in reading math and science – a true breeding ground for the Baltic country’s impressive technological achievements. This finding of international studies can be attributed to a number of factors, one of which is the autonomy schools and individual teachers enjoy in selecting and interpreting the teaching content.

Innovation in education

To popularize physics education and support local business along the way, Tartu City Government has decided to purchase study kits created by Tartu-based company Praktikal Education OÜ for the city's municipal basic schools. Each set consists of study materials (test instructions, videos, pictures, simulations and questions) and software that create a comprehensive learning experience.

"Tartu invests in innovative teaching methods and it is remarkable that physics lessons will become even more practical thanks to the ideas of local entrepreneurs. I hope that local students will accept the new solutions and Tartu schools will further excel in real subjects," said Mayor Urmas Klaas, as quoted by the city website.

Comprehensive study solutions

The set of test equipment has been developed by physicist Kaido Reivelt and is intended for an introductory education course. The kit includes tools that make experiments easier to understand by the learner.  

Praktikal Education OÜ creates comprehensive study solutions, the aim of which is to teach natural subjects through practical activities. The study kits are intended for use by up to 24 students and teachers at a time. The cost of study sets for one class is EUR 845.



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