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Taurage will have Lithuania’s first hybrid wind-solar park

Taurage will have Lithuania’s first hybrid wind-solar park

There is already a wind farm, and the solar complex will provide additional 22 MW of energy

Taurage may be small but it is one of Lithuania’s leading municipalities in terms of energy initiatives and climate awareness. Earlier this summer, it was announced that it will also play host to the Baltic country’s first hybrid renewable energy park.

The developer of the project will be Ignitis Renewables, a green energy company operating in the Baltics and Poland, having secured a permit from the State Energy Regulatory Council earlier.

Opportunity to mix and match in the energy field

The project will not have to start from scratch as there is already an operational wind farm in Taurage. That facility has been producing renewable electricity for a decade already and has a capacity of 10 MW.

The solar farm will spring up next to the wind turbines creating a hybrid facility, which will also be a first in the history of the energy company. According to Thierry Aelens, CEO of Ignitis Renewables, the project opens wider opportunities to use the infrastructure and the land managed by the company more efficiently. 

The capacity of the planned solar park should reach 22 MW. This will be enough to cover the electricity demand of around 13,000 Lithuanian households. The solar park is estimated to launch by 2024.

Ignitis Renewables manages four wind farms in Lithuania; its two other wind farms are in Poland and Estonia. Currently, new wind farm projects are also being developed in Latvia, Lithuania and Poland. 

Taurage is one of the two cities on the territory of Lithuania picked by the European Commission as participants in the 100 Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities by 2030 Mission.

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