Young people have the chance to embrace the values of the New European Bauhaus by travelling, Source: Depositphotos

Teens can discover the New European Bauhaus with dedicated routes

Teens can discover the New European Bauhaus with dedicated routes

The new itineraries are part of the DiscoverEU programme, which lets 18-year-olds travel by train between important European sites

The New European Bauhaus (NEB) continues to grow in the year 2023, shortly after its second birthday. And the way it is happening is always a bit unexpected and creative, much like the ideas it helps generate.

One of the new exciting additions to the initiative is the creation of the New European Bauhaus Route, as one of the optional itineraries to choose from in the DiscoverEU programme. That way, teenagers can get up close and personal with the ideas and mission of the NEB and hopefully feel inspired by the ideals of the movement: social inclusion, aesthetics and sustainability.

Routes reflecting a variety of thinking and design

DiscoverEU itself is funded by the European Parliament and associated with Erasmus+, giving 18-year-old youngsters the chance to discover the continent and foster a sense of European citizenship by granting them a free travel pass to be used mostly on trains.

It already contains itineraries, which the teenagers can explore, such as The Green Route, the Cultural Route and The Digital Route. And now comes the New European Bauhaus Route.

It is actually a collection of 9 possible routes that cover the entire continent with carefully curated destinations that represent the NEB themes.

Every NEB sub-route includes at least one city that’s home to an official NEB project so that you can see the NEB in action. These ‘NEB Hero Cities’ have a strong, direct link to the European Union’s vision of a beautiful, sustainable and inclusive future. Many cities feature a particular project that’s been recognised with the New European Bauhaus Award or New European Bauhaus Rising Star Award.  

DiscoverEU is a potent platform to inspire young minds about the possibilities and heritage treasures present in Europe. Plus, it fosters a sense of the values essential for sustainable transition, such as travelling by rail, seen by Europeans both as a cherished tradition and a practical future alternative.

Twice a year, people who are 18 years of age can apply for participation in the programme. Application is open to citizens of EU member states, EEA member states and North Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey.



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