The Acropolis becomes accessible to people of all abilities

The Acropolis becomes accessible to people of all abilities

Tactile paving as well as braille signs and brochures have been added

When one thinks of traveling abroad, they imagine walking around new cities, exploring new sights, and having new experiences. However, this is not the case for those who have mobility difficulties or visual impairments. Instead, they become overwhelmed with fear, anxiety, and concern.

The Greek Ministry of Culture has acknowledged how challenging it can be for people with disabilities to explore tourist destinations comfortably, safely, and securely. As such, it has made changes to the Archaeological Site of Acropolis, rendering it accessible to all.

What changes have been made?

According to a press release by the Ministry of Culture, braille signs in both Greek and English have been added at the archaeological site. Large print signs in capital and bold letters have also been added for people with partial blindness.

In addition to this, brochures and other reading information will soon be updated to include braille and large print as well. Thinking ahead, the Ministry reported that it is further planning to create a mobile application that will include both written and oral information about various monuments.

Beyond this, the needs of tourists who are visually impaired will be met with the installation of tactile paving (textured ground surface on footpaths). To ensure that everyone can marvel at the ancient sites, the Ministry will also provide mobile models of monuments so that people with disabilities can touch them.

It is important to note that the needs of people with mobility impairments have also been considered. Taking a case in point, an innovative slope lift was designed and installed at the archaeological site at the end of last year. Moreover, golf carts have also been supplied to service those who require assistance.

Evidently, the Greek Ministry of Culture is committed to creating spaces that are accessible and safe for people of all abilities.



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