One of the installations aimed at the young audience, Source: Venice Municipality

The Architecture Biennale in Venice features a children’s section

The Architecture Biennale in Venice features a children’s section

The so-called ‘Children’s Biennale’ takes place at Forte Marghera

21 May-21 November 2021 – these are the dates indicating the start and ending of the 17 International Architectural Exhibition that will take place in the city of Venice, a forum where visitors can admire the latest creations and innovations in that field. The slogan of this year’s event is ‘How will we live together?’.

Organizers, however, have also prepared a spin-off of the main event aimed at children and aptly named ‘How will we play together?’. This one is presented at Forte Marghera – a historic fort, which since 2018 has been used as the grounds for special projects that are part of the Architecture and the Art Biennales.

Coaxing young minds into thinking about design and architecture

The project aimed at kids features different installations, made of wood and steel, which confront the youngsters with the need to make a choice, as is basically what one has to do in life, as well. These features invite children to play, climb, hide and explore.

Roberto Cicutto, the President of the Architecture Biennale, who as at the unveiling stated: “Playing is the first great experience of life. Many characteristics of our personality depend on changing the perception of the game and on having to stop playing at a certain point because we grow up. 

A section of the Biennale dedicated to children and play with the prophetic title “How we will live together”, thought out before what happened in the past year and a half, could not ignore such an important place and activity. I want to express my appreciation for this space, dedicated to culture and work not in abstract terms, but in a way where people can find themselves ".

The exhibition at the Children’s Biennale consists of five installations: Off Fence (2020), The Playful Eight (2021), Social Equilibria (2021), Field of Lines (2021) and Level-313.9 (2021).



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