Mark Foley, Director General of Ireland’s EirGrid and ) Xavier Piechaczyk, President of the Managing Board of France’s grid (RTE) while signing the agreement, Source: Xavier Piechaczyk on Twitter

The Celtic Interconnector brings Ireland back to the EU grid

The Celtic Interconnector brings Ireland back to the EU grid

The French-Irish infrastructure will transfer sustainable nuclear and wind energy between the two countries, strengthening their energy independence

Today, Ireland signed a deal with France to build an energy interconnector between the two countries under the Atlantic Ocean. The so-called Celtic Interconnector will link Cork in Ireland with the French region of Britany and is expected to lead to a drop in prices for consumers. The project will also reconnect Ireland to the EU grid after Brexit.

Additionally, according to an official statement, the Celtic Interconnector is supposed to sell Irish excess clean wind energy to France during peak production times. In turn, France would sell clean nuclear energy back to Ireland when wind turbines slow down.

This can guarantee that parties can expand green and sustainable energy sharing while strengthening their energy security and independence from fossil fuels.

Long-term gains for both sides

According to a press statement, work on the interconnector will start next year, while Irish Prime Minister Michael Martin said that it would help to bring down energy bills for consumers while increasing energy independence.

Officials also pointed out that those would probably not be felt, however, in the next three years at least, as natural gas prices will likely remain high.

The project will cost around 1.6 billion euros and is scheduled to start operating in 2026. When finished, it should have a capacity of 700 megawatts – enough to power 450,000 homes.

The Director General of Ireland’s EirGrid, Mark Foley, pointed out that this was a very good development for the country’s energy security, providing a much-needed backup after Brexit. He went on to say that this is the most important Irish infrastructure project in this decade as it will also reconnect the republic to the EU’s grid.

The President of the Managing Board of France’s grid (RTE) Xavier Piechaczyk went on to social media to say that this is the first electrical connection with Ireland and it will strengthen low-carbon energy solidarity between the two countries.



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