The interior of Tommy's Cafe

The first Tommy Hilfiger café in the world opens in Milan

The first Tommy Hilfiger café in the world opens in Milan

It makes perfect sense, given the vibrant café and fashion cultures in that country

Tommy’s Café is a coffeeshop located in the Porta Venezia district of Milan. At a first glance that might not seem all that newsworthy until you realize that the Tommy in the title is Tommy Hilfiger – one of the leading global fashion brands.

Located in Piazza Oberdan next to a Tommy Hilfiger clothing store, Tommy’s Café represents the first foray of the American brand into the world of catering and food. It is in fact the first in the world Tommy Hilfiger-branded café.

Sustainability infused in the design

Open Tuesday through Sunday, 10 am to 10 pm, Tommy's Cafe bills itself as an all-around bar with a cocktail list and creative menus for brunch, lunch, and dinner. Spread over 142 m2, it becomes a natural extension of the store next door in terms of food, as both are characterized by the same American pop culture concept.

The space features a modern yet warm aesthetic, with herringbone parquet floors and red and white details, the brand's iconic colours. With 110 seats, between the internal glazed greenhouse and the tables in the external space, the restaurant is characterized by a bright and airy aesthetic, where the greenery of the garden blends with the architecture with clean and minimal lines. 

What’s really in tune with the times, however, is the approach to sustainability in the interior design of the establishment. The new café features materials made from recycled fabrics for the furnishings, futuristic lighting and state-of-the-art appliances. 

Guests of the café and shop can also view works by world-renowned artists, including Mr. Brainwash's I Love Italy, John O'Hara's Start Me Up custom vinyl, Daniel Arsham's Eroded Brillo Box, and Campbell's Soup Cans by Andy Warhol, personally donated by Tommy Hilfiger to the Milan store.



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