Veterinary Simulation Centre in Bulgaria, Source: Trakia University

The first Veterinary Simulation Centre in Bulgaria opens doors

The first Veterinary Simulation Centre in Bulgaria opens doors

Students at Stara Zagora's Trakia University will be taught practical skills

Today, 11 May 2021, Trakia University in Stara Zagora opened the first Veterinary Simulation Center in Bulgaria. The centre, which will help students in veterinary medicine develop practical skills with animal patients and their owners, is funded by the university's budget.

The centre is modelled after a German facility and is provided with equipment donated by the University of Giessen in Germany. It will have simulators for castration, intubation, and venous catheter placement. A lecture hall and anaesthesia and resuscitation facilities will be placed on an area of 180 square metres.

Such simulation centres exist in Vienna and Hanover

In 2012, the first two European Veterinary Simulation Centers opened in Vienna and Hanover. The university hopes that the Bulgarian simulation centre will join the European Association of Veterinary Simulation Centers shortly. So that they can exchange their experience and knowledge.

"Our main goal is to improve the practical skills of veterinary students through training on artificial models, animal simulators or synthetic organs. This will reduce the time from the student bench to the practice of veterinary medicine," said the director of the new centre and a specialist in the German Veterinary Simulation Centre through the Erasmus programme, Dr. Todorov.

Pre-registration is needed for the training, which will be held in classes of 6-8 students. The lecturers will be Bulgarian and German experts. Laboratory diagnostics, propaedeutic, anaesthesia and orthopaedics, anesthesiology and resuscitation, dressings, sterilisation and planning of the operating field, contact and veterinary administration, productive livestock, and picture diagnostics are among the subjects included in the training.

The Geo Milev Drama Theater, from the same city, will be the centre's partner. Actors will challenge students with critical scenarios and provocative inquiries in order to show aspiring veterinarians how to interact with the owners of wounded animals.



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