Anke Rehlinger guides through the co: hub66, Source: Saarland Ministry of Economics, Labor, Energy and Transport

The German State of Saarland launches a new project to encourage start-ups

The German State of Saarland launches a new project to encourage start-ups

Collaboration and idea sharing are possible between business projects

The German State of Saarland is launching a new model project. Its Ministry of Economics, Labor, Energy, and Transport wants to encourage creative business ventures and start-ups, as well as new ways of collaboration. The government will invest nearly one million euros over the next two years on the "co: hub66" initiative.

The Minister of Economic Affairs Anke Rehlinger presented the project on Tuesday, 20 April, at the state press conference. The project also aims to promote cross-border and international innovation even more intensively. It is intended to supplement a previous offer for those interested in starting a business and to serve as a point of contact for those who do not come directly from university or have ties to such institution.

To promote cross-border and international innovation

The aim is not only to expand the start-up scene in Saarland but also to attract different industries through offers for closer collaboration and thus for creative new approaches to business and work.

“We will significantly expand the existing infrastructure in the Saarland start-up scene and the startup scene. The co: hub66 is an addition to the existing range. We bring creative and innovative startups together with established companies in a space where they have the opportunity to develop new products and business models together. We focus on supporting non-technological, digital and creative business models. This is an exciting environment for collaborative work. This is how we are driving structural change in Saarland,” said Anke Rehlinger.

The FabLab Makerspace is a key component of co: hub66. Here, for example, it would be possible to collaborate on prototypes using the best technological equipment, such as a computer park containing anything from 3D printers to soldering stations. Development and work can be done both virtually and in person.

The co: hub66, with its welcome board and meeting room, should provide as much space as possible for exchange and networking. As a result, the construction of the approximately 800 square metre area is under consideration.

According to current planning, the official opening of co: hub66 is to take place in July 2021. The first activities of the project partners are planned for May.



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