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The Government of Lombardy unveils an incentive scheme for decarbonization of vehicle stock

The Government of Lombardy unveils an incentive scheme for decarbonization of vehicle stock

The financial aid will also be retroactively applied to cars registered after 1 January 2020

Earlier this month the Government of the Italian region of Lombardy announced a financial incentive programme that reveals the ambitions of the authorities to get serious about decarbonizing the traffic operating on the roads there. In terms of money, it was revealed that 36 million euros will be used this and next year as direct grants to consumers who wish to purchase a new vehicle and would be inclined to opt for an electric or a low-emission model.

The plan, which will be available to buyers from 1 March, also previews aid for the purchasing of electric scooters and motorcycles.

This package is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of upcoming sustainability initiatives

The announcement seeks to show the firm intention of the regional authorities to do their part on climate change by encouraging the gradual transformation of the vehicle fleet towards newer and alternative vehicle technologies.

Car buyers can look forward to 18% discounts on the base prices of these type of vehicles, however, there are certain conditions that will apply.

The discounts are largest for zero-emission vehicles and go down for models that are not as sustainable but are still low-emission. Furthermore, potential buyers will have to deregister previous vehicles they own, the exception being if the other vehicle they own is electric. The good news is that the incentive scheme will also apply for low-emission cars and motorcycles that had been registered last year.

The regional Environment Councilor Raffaele Cattaneo explained that this “is a first step in an incentive package which will be followed by interventions for 64 million euros, already announced. A priority will be the launch as soon as possible of a similar tender for the replacement of the most polluting commercial vehicles. 

“Then the financing of tenders for recharging columns intended for public bodies, those to replace polluting boilers of public buildings and to build biomass plants and local networks for the production and distribution of energy. In addition to these, also the call for the de-waterproofing of the soil, with trees and greening of public areas, to combat climate change".

People who are interested in the offered incentives can register at the Call Section of the Lombardy government website in order to apply for approval.

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