Control room of the new Bahía de Cádiz tram-train, Source: Junta de Andalucia

The Granada Metro and the Cadiz tram network will have “digital twins”

The Granada Metro and the Cadiz tram network will have “digital twins”

The term refers to a virtual service, which allows the pre-testing of future scenarios, such as changes or incidents

The Andalusian Ministry of Development announced yesterday that it has put out a public tender for the creation of a “digital twin” service for the Granada Metro and the TramBahía de Cadiz urban railway systems.

This service will allow recreating and anticipating future needs and possible incidents in these two transport systems through virtual and augmented reality.

Virtual and real worlds: parallel to each other

The so-called digital twin will be a virtual representation of the Granada Metro and Bahía de Cádiz tram lines, with which a bridge will be created between the virtual world and reality by applying emerging technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality, Big Data or digitization by drone photogrammetry, among others.

The digital twin will improve the management of the metro operations and maintenance system since any future project or incident will be first addressed in a virtual reality model. That helps the results to be evaluated more efficiently and sustainably. Both transit systems are operated by the Andalusian Public Works Agency.

The technological equipment for the management of the digital twin includes computers, screens and peripherals, as well as a drone with two cameras and GPS. The equipment will make it possible to manage the BIM models and digitize transport infrastructures to improve control efficiency and quality of service of operations and maintenance of both the Granada Metro and the soon-to-be-in-service TramBahía de Cádiz, in the very south of Spain.

This contract is part of the project, financed with 2 million euros through Next Generation European funds, for the digitization of the two cities’ public transit infrastructures using BIM methodology and the creation of a collaborative web platform for the integration of the digital twin.

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