The Jardin des Planetes, lighting up the night sky in Basel, 2018, Source: Klanglicht website

The Graz Sound and Light Festival is illuminating the sky above Eggenberg Castle

The Graz Sound and Light Festival is illuminating the sky above Eggenberg Castle

The festival is finally here after being cancelled three times due to the pandemic

The Graz Sound and Light Festival (Klanglicht) is finally happening, after three cancellations due to Covid-restrictions. It will take place in the garden around Eggenberg Castle between 27 and 30 October. A total of ten installations will adorn the castle garden with the aim of celebrating ‘the magic of light and colour’.

A long streak of cancellations led to something special

Originally, the Klanglicht festival in 2020 was supposed to cover a 3.8-kilometre route between Kunsthaus and the castle, however, as infections spiked, the festival was cancelled and is now limited to the park. That would give organisers an easier time checking Covid certificates and complying with other pandemic guidelines.

The new admissions system allows for people to purchase tickets for certain timeslots, a measure that will inevitably thin out the crowd. At the same time, because of the cancellations, the event will take place regardless of the weather.

Light highlights

Studio Asynchrome has installed blue, green and red lights leading up to the castle, while the famous 2018 piece ‘Jardin des Planetes’ by Klaus Littmann will adorn the park. ‘Jardin des Planetes’ is an installation of planetary sculptures that will float five metres above the tree line, lighting up the area in a magnificent stellar constellation.

The façade of the castle as well as the inner courtyard will be illuminated by artists performing light projections with floating mirrors. At the same time, Josef Gründler will take care of the soundscape of the entire event.

Furthermore, an audio-visual piece will bring the sculpture of the goddess of the hunt Diana in the courtyard to life. This installation plans to illustrate the ambivalence of the present while daring to hope for the future.



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