The Hague is looking for its digital ambassadors

The Hague is looking for its digital ambassadors

If you think you know how to improve the digital resilience and safety in the city, get on board

Are you a technology geek from The Hague? Do you know the meaning of a strong password and the danger of a phishing email? If the answer is yes and you want to help your city become more resilient and safer in an increasingly digitalised world, then the Hague needs you. Apply now and join the local team protecting victims from cybercrime.

Protecting the community from cybercrime

The municipality of the Hague and the local police unit are on a mission to protect citizens and entrepreneurs from cybercrime and fraud by teaching them safe online behaviour. To make this process easier, they are inviting local citizens to become “digital ambassadors” in five neighbourhoods, where trials are about to start.

The perfect candidate is older than 18 years, with good knowledge of computers and the internet, has an interest in digital security and is willing to help. His tasks will be:

  • Informing the neighbourhood and giving tips to prevent cybercrime. For example, writing a message about WhatsApp fraud for the newsletter of the local sports association, putting up a flyer about phishing in the supermarket or holding an information hour in the library;
  • Organizing activities about digital security. For example, invite an ethical hacker to the community centre, or organize a training exercise on safe banking.

Of course, the ambassadors will receive help with these tasks. There will be a community manager to support the organisation and reaching out to neighbours, while the community police officer will answer questions within his sphere of competence.

Finally, to become even better prepared, ambassadors can take a basic course on cybercrime offered by experts from the Digital Trust Centre, the Municipality's Fraud Help Desk and the Police's Digital Investigation Department.

To sign up or get more information, simply send an email to and the Community manager will get back to you.



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