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The Hotel of Ice in Romania to reopen in January

The Hotel of Ice in Romania to reopen in January

The construction has been postponed for next year because of the warm weather

The construction of the Romanian Hotel of Ice, located near the Bâlea Lake in Fagaras Mountains, has been postponed for the beginning of 2020 because of the warm weather, informed Romania Insider. For the first time in 15 years, the hotel was not built before the winter holidays, a time when it is usually full of guests.

Due to the weather conditions reservations made for the period December – 20 January 2020 must be rescheduled. The hotel's administration is hopeful that the construction works will start in the following days.

If the weather allowed it, a team of 40 workers from Târgu Mureş would start the works on building the hotel. The ice for the building of the hotel is sourced from the nearby lake, which is not yet frozen.

The Hotel of Ice was first built in 2005, in the heart of the Fagaras Mountains. It is known as one of the most distinguished hotel in Romania. It is constructed entirely of snow and ice blocks. Usually, in less than 30 days the ice artists manage to erect a home for the eager winter aficionados. The Hotel of Ice is visited by more 8,000 guests every winter.

A World of Ice

The exciting place also offers an entire world made out of ice, including an ice restaurant and an ice bar. The restaurant offers traditional cuisine, which adheres to the ancient Transylvanian recipes. You can take part in a unique culinary experience, brought to art, in a special setting where winter plays the main role. Here you can even see a church made entirely of ice.

For the adventure lovers, there is also a Winterpark, at over 2.000m altitude, at the top of the Făgăraș mountains. It is the perfect place for you and your family to take part in snowmobile riding, snow rafting, tubing, off-piste skiing, ice climbing and heliskiing.



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