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The Hungary Ticket – comparable to Germany’s 49-euro pass?

The Hungary Ticket – comparable to Germany’s 49-euro pass?

Students will get a 90% discount with the new public transport offer

On 1 May, Hungary launched a discounted country-wide pass for public rail and bus transport, mimicking the so-called ‘Germany Ticket’. The Hungarian equivalent is about the same price as the German ticket, however, it comes with some significant drawbacks, mainly – it cannot be used for inner-city travel.

At the same time, according to an official statement by MÁV group, Hungary’s main rail operator, students can get a major discount on ticket prices, which will enable easy travel across Hungary. Additionally, up to this point, officials have not announced any restrictions for foreigners, meaning that the Hungary ticket could be a great offer for tourists.

Travel options for rural communities 

The monthly country passes are available since 1 May and cost 9,450 forints or just about 25 euros. This makes it cheaper than around 15 litres of fuel – enough to cover 250-300 kilometres. The ticket, however, will only be valid for rail and bus lines operating between urban areas, not within cities themselves.

Also, this price will get travellers a ticket that would only be valid within the county lines, so, if, for example, you are travelling to Budapest, the ticket will not be valid outside of the Pest region. At the same time, it will not be valid for municipal public transport, making it less useful for a daily commute. 

Travelling beyond regional lines would be possible with a ticket that is twice the cost, so 18,900 forints, or around 50 euros. However, that one would still not be valid for municipal mobility services. Students, though, can get a 90% off on both offers, or just 5 euros for a monthly rail pass covering all of Hungary.

However, these conditions make the Hungary Ticket quite a bit different than the Germany Ticket, as the primary reason for the latter is to provide a national unified concept for public transport – simplifying conditions for consumers.

Nevertheless, the Hungary Ticket offers rural communities and people who travel daily long distances a viable and competitive alternative and an incentive to ditch personal cars.



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