King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia, together with the Mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, riding on Line 001, Source: EMT

The King of Spain enjoyed his first-ever public bus ride

The King of Spain enjoyed his first-ever public bus ride

The royal couple took the trip to honour Madrid’s public transit operator EMT’s 75th anniversary

The Municipal Transport Company (EMT) of Madrid is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year and the company had the highest possible guests of honour when the Spanish royal couple themselves decided to take a ride on Line 001, accompanied by Mayor José Luis Martínez-Almeida. Reportedly, this was also the first time King Felipe VI had travelled on a public bus, although his wife Queen Letizia had taken plenty such trips in her youth before she became royalty.

A municipal company connected to the history of Madrid

The royal commute happened yesterday, Monday, during the day when many passengers going about their daily errands were likely quite surprised to share a trip with the VIPs. The King, the Queen and the Mayor did not have to pay for their bus ride, but that was not a sign of some elitist privilege because neither did the other passengers.

In fact, Line 001, inaugurated last year, is completely free to ride on. It is served by 100% electric buses and its operation, together with Line 002, is part of the Madrid 360 Environmental Sustainability Strategy.

The royal visit, which also included a meeting with EMT workers in Carabanchel, marked the beginning of the actions with which the Madrid City Council commemorates the 75th anniversary of the EMT. From now until November of next year, historical and cultural activities and events will be held that will celebrate the history of one of the most recognized and beloved companies in the Spanish capital.

On 12 November 1947, the first operations of the Madrid Municipal Transport Company began, being created by the City Council to regulate surface transport. Since then, the city, its history, its development and its urban landscape are intimately linked to the history of EMT. Municipal buses have been part of the daily life of all citizens and are a symbol of the city.

Thanks to the incorporation of other mobility services such as BiciMAD, a cable car, the municipal crane and car parks, EMT has become a global operator of surface mobility and a role model in the management and operation of urban transport.



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