Municipal baths, Source: City of Strasbourg

The Municipal Baths in Strasbourg to be transformed into a centre of wellbeing

The Municipal Baths in Strasbourg to be transformed into a centre of wellbeing

The renovation will bring new life to the baths, while preserving their initial social function

A renovation project aims to turn the Municipal Baths in Strasbourg into a spa centre of new generation. Selected unanimously on the 14th of January, the ambitious project in the French city is scheduled to begin this fall and be completed by the end of 2021.

The new project is based on existing constructions, which will be enhanced by an outdoor pool and a shared activity area for events, concerts, film screenings, set up at the back of the building, instead of the car park. The latter will be surrounded by a garden of freshness. As for the aquatic activities, a connection will be created between the two tiled pools. A well-being area will allow discovering the restored Roman bath, a Jacuzzi, a sauna, a hammam and the outdoor pool open all year. In addition, a dedicated spa area will be constructed and the renovated facility will host gym and fitness activities, as well as a dietary centre.

What is more, the social dimension of the baths as they were designed in 1908 by the architect Fritz Beblo is not disregarded, and hence the public showers will be preserved. The opening hours too, will be multiplied by two (from 10h to 21h, 7 days out of 7).

The project carried by Eiffage Construction gathers the architect of historic monuments François Chatillon, the architectural company TNA and the engineering specialist Quadriplus. Once the works completed, Véolia and Equalia will ensure the technical and commercial management of the renovated building.

The renovation of the municipal baths whose project management is entrusted to the local public company Deux-Rives (owned by the City and the Eurometropolis) amounts to about 33 million euro. According to Alain Fontanel, first deputy mayor, the winning project reconciles "access for all, heritage quality and openness to the neighbourhood".

Source: City of Strasbourg



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