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The Netherlands further relaxes measures from 1 July

The Netherlands further relaxes measures from 1 July

Significant changes will be seen in the culture and events sector

New rules regarding the containment of Covid-19 will apply in the Netherlands starting 1 July. This was announced on Wednesday 24 June at a press conference by Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Minister De Jonge. The relaxed rules concern outdoor and indoor spaces, public transport and the 1,5 metres rule.

New measures valid from 1 July in the Netherlands

The first batch of measures concerns indoor spaces, like cinemas, cafes, restaurants, theatres, weddings and funerals. The rules for the keeping of 1,5 metres of distance between each person remains valid, but here is what changes:

  • A maximum of 100 people (except staff) can gather in one place;
  • More than 100 people are allowed, as long as they reserve a place in advance and get their health checked prior to entry;
  • In shops, museums, libraries and other locations with a flow of visitors, there is no maximum number of people, but locations must ensure that the 1,5 metres rule is respected.

Discos and night clubs remain closed for the time being and this will be the case at least until September 1, when the measure will be revisited.

Outdoor spaces and public transport

As far as the outdoor rules changes, they apply to the catering industry and events, but not to zoos and amusement parks. Again, the maximum number of people is increased to 250 without counting the staff or alternatively - no limit if visitors reserve a seat and get a health check. The 1,5 metres rule still applies.

There will also be new rules valid on public transport. It is not necessary to keep the 1,5 metres rule on most vehicles. Wearing a mask is mandatory on public transport, taxis, buses and coaches. In personal vehicles, if there are people from different households, everyone must wear a mask.

In general, the 1,5 metres of distance remains the norm, so whenever possible, people should keep apart from each other. This does not apply to children up to the age of 12. Adolescents up to the age of 18 are not required to keep a distance from each other but must remain 1,5 metres away from adults. The exceptions also concern situations when the 1,5 metres distance is impossible, such as with hairdressers, masseurs and for driving instructors, athletes, actors and dancers.  

The Dutch authorities firmly believe that the Covid-19 peak is now behind them and the virus in the country is under control. One of the reasons for this smart management of the crisis is the fact that the Netherlands introduced comprehensive testing since 1 June, for everyone who has COVID-19 symptoms.



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