The Ferris wheel blends seamlessly with local architecture, Source: Ville de Bruxelles on Facebook

The new permanent Ferris wheel in Brussels will offer people the best view in the city

The new permanent Ferris wheel in Brussels will offer people the best view in the city

The Belgian capital joins the likes of London, Vienna and Paris as a European Ferris wheel city

Recently, the city of Brussels installed its first permanent Ferris wheel. The wheel is located on Place Poelaert and currently has a planning permit until at least 2028. As the RTBF reports, the permit has been issued yesterday, while Alderman for Trade, Fabian Maingain, in the City of Brussels explained that it will offer both residents and visitors some of the best views of the Belgian capital.

The Ferris wheel on Place Poelaert was first installed in 2019 and then in 2020 by one René Bufkens. However, it was removed after just three months. Back then, authorities claimed that this was a test period to see whether a Ferris wheel made sense for the district.

Nevertheless, with this new addition, Brussels will join the likes of other infamous European capitals like London, Vienna, Paris and Budapest.

A view from above

One of the people who have been involved in installing the Ferris wheel is Alderman Trade Fabian Maingain, who explained that the project would work to bring in more tourists into the area. The area in question covers the Sablon and Marolles districts, both historic spaces.

Ferris wheelThe installation is already part of local culture with the 'In the Streets' festival,
Source: Ville de Bruxelles on Facebook 

The Sablon has been part of Brussels since at least the 13th century when the district lay just outside the first walls of Brussels. Before it became urbanised, the district was a grassland and sandbank floodplain. It was used as a cemetery and gradually became part of the city, as various professional guilds, like the Crossbowmen, began using the space.

The Marolles, on the other hand, is currently one of the more popular tourist destinations in the city. It too has been populated since the 13th century, however, for a significant portion of its history, Les Marolles has been home to the city’s most vulnerable and rebellious inhabitants, responsible for many riots throughout history.  



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