The next edition of Runite Nicosia is coming

The next edition of Runite Nicosia is coming

The event is not a competitive race and is open to everyone from across Cyprus

The second edition of Runite Nicosia is coming this weekend. In 2018, participants in the sports event ran around the whole capital of Cyprus, symbolically uniting it. This year, on Saturday, 11th January, everyone is invited to take part in the event. The aim is to leave all physical and mental barriers behind and experience Nicosia as a whole.

According to the organizers of the event, the island is still divided, but people should start the New Year on an optimistic note and run again together across the small streets of Old Nicosia and some surrounding areas.

Runite Nicosia is not a competitive race, but an event which is open to everyone from all parts and communities of the island. The purpose is to get to know each other and send a positive message across the streets of Nicosia.

Take part and bring mental walls down

The run will start at 10:30 am on Saturday from the Home for Cooperation and will continue with an easy 8-10 km jogging on both sides of Nicosia. The run will finish back at the H4C where coffee and tea will be served and where the Bi-communal Choir For Peace in Cyprus will perform.

The route will cross both the southern and northern parts of Nicosia, therefore participants are required to bring their ID card. All crossing checkpoints between the southern and northern sides of the city will stay open for the event.  

Nicosia is the last divided capital in the world. The historical city with its gorgeous landmarks is split in two with a border zone and a wall symbolizing the crisis that still keeps Cypriots apart. Nowadays, the real challenge is to bring down mental walls. If you happen to be in Cyprus this weekend, go and take part in Runite Nicosia.



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