Urban Forest an initiative to increase the green spaces in Romania, Source: The Giurgiu municipality Facebook

The Romanian project “Urban Forest” improves air quality and biodiversity

The Romanian project “Urban Forest” improves air quality and biodiversity

The Giurgiu municipality becomes part of the afforestation campaign

The Romanian Municipality Giurgiu announced last week the participation in the project “Urban Forest”. The project will help afforestation the Cama Canal area, as well as environmental and awareness education activities of the need to protect the environment.

The role of this urban forest is to improve air quality, reduce noise and increase biodiversity. The preparations of the activities for the purpose of good development of the project will start from the signing of the agreement, which is due to the term of 2024 and will be completed with the introduction of the urban forest formed in the local register of green spaces.

As part of the “Romania Plants for Tomorrow” programme, Romania's largest private afforestation initiative, OMV Petrom SA supports the project and aims this year to prepare 50,000 saplings over 10 hectares.

“Through this project, we generate an urban green space dedicated to nature, but also for the benefit of the community, both as recreational and educational-cultural purpose,” said Alexandru Gheorghe, a graduate of the Faculty of Horticulture within University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine.

Improving the quality of life and environmental education

The MaiMultVerde Association, which will partner with the city, has already carried out a variety of projects in Giurgiu municipality aimed at preventing and combating plastic pollution in Danube waters. The main objective of the Association is to create an active community of volunteers that will produce sustainable changes in the Romanian environment.

Thus, the Association develops and implements environmental projects aimed at improving the quality of life in Romania, by intervening in three indicators: air quality, water quality and environmental education.

Planting sessions will take place between September and November 2021 and volunteers can take part in the programme as well. Giurgiu municipality will need the support of its inhabitants to create a better environment.



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