The streets of Athens were “adopted” for Christmas decoration

The streets of Athens were “adopted” for Christmas decoration

The initiative is part of the program “Adopt Your City” launched by Mayor Bakoyannis

A total of 19 businesses, institutions and associations have ”adopted” entire neighborhoods, avenues and streets across Athens to sponsor the setting up of Christmas decorations this year.

The charity initiative is part of the “Adopt Your City” program  launched by the mayor of Athens Costas Bakoyannis. Numerous representatives of these companies and institutions gathered together in the City Hall of Athens to discuss the holiday lighting program with the mayor.

Each one of these nineteen businesses and institutions will be responsible for the decoration of an entire neighborhood, an avenue or a street. Athens Municipality will give support where needed and will check the aesthetic view of the final result. In total thirty public squares across Athens will be decorated, along with 81 streets and avenues.

Long-lasting financial crisis, as well as a prevailing atmosphere of depression which accompanied the financial woes of Greece, had made the public face of Athens look rather gloomy. The Christmas decorations of the Greek capital for the last several years had been admittedly basic, reusing lights and ornaments from the previous decade.

Now, the new mayor Bakoyannis intends to start the long process of reversing this situation by gathering support and new creative ideas from the businesses and community to revive the public Christmas decorations.

“Adopt Your City” program

The “Adopt Your City” program gives participants the unique opportunity to cover the cost of maintenance of a street, sidewalk, public square, park, playground or even a single bench, in cooperation with Athens Municipality.  

The Mayor of Athens describes the initiative as a “new model of public policy” involving the business, academic communities and civil society. He is calling on residents to actively join the upgrade efforts through the new program.                 



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