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These are Europe’s 3 friendliest cities

These are Europe’s 3 friendliest cities

Probably, no one will be surprised that two of them are located in Ireland

It’s officially autumn, which also means that ranking season is upon us and in the coming weeks European cities will form part of a wide range of lists. In that regard, the CN Traveller web portal has compiled its annual lists of global destinations based on reviews by its readers – all culminating in the Readers’ Choice Awards 2023.

One category that’s particularly interesting to us and is sure to arouse interest and maybe even spark debates is “The Friendliest Cities in Europe”. Here are the top three according to the readers: Siena (Italy), Cork (Ireland) and Dublin (Ireland).

What makes them friendly?

It’s immediately noticeable that two of the top 3 are Irish cities, but first let’s look into the Italian representative, which also snatched the top spot this year.

Siena has been known for centuries thanks to its heritage sites and unique ancient traditions, such as the Palio horse race, which takes place twice a year. That race featuring riders racing around the historic central square of the city is more popular among locals than any football game could ever hope to be.

These kinds of traditions have ensured local pride and even a kind of neighbourhood patriotism that’s hard to find elsewhere. It ensures that people living there get to feel part of a community. There aren’t many homeless people or even visible signs of poverty as the social network operates in a way that creates balance. The city is thus also very popular with students, both the full-time and exchange type.

Cork, in Ireland, has been a regular feature on the list, also being among the top 3 in 2018. Travellers there have been impressed with its welcoming vibe, cultural offers and, perhaps a bit surprisingly its culinary scene as of lately.

And then there’s Ireland’s capital – Dublin – which reminds everyone that even if the country has turned into a place of big business in the past ten years or so, welcoming tech giants and such, its residents haven’t lost an ounce of their charm and desire to have a good time. And, we can’t help but always think of a Dublin revelry always accompanied by the soundtrack of joyous fiddles – on the streets and in the traditional pubs.



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