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These are Europe’s 3 most affordable holiday destinations in 2024

These are Europe’s 3 most affordable holiday destinations in 2024

Overall, the continent is getting more expensive for tourism

The annual British Post Office Travel Money’s ‘Holiday Money Report’ is out to inform the travelling public about the affordability of various popular tourism hotspots around the world. Price is a major factor for many people when deciding on travelling abroad and spending some well-deserved R&R time somewhere on a pretty beach, for instance.

What’s immediately noticeable looking at the top 10 of the global ranking is that there are, surprisingly or not, some European destinations - although these are definitely not snatching the top spots.

It’s also interesting how the ranking has been organized by the rank-makers. They’ve taken into account the cost of eight items considered generally essential by any average tourist out there. These are: coffee, beer, cola, wine, water, suncream, insect repellent and a three-course meal. The list therefore is not concerned with determining overall affordability but rather the ability to purchase common things for consumption that people tend to search for when holidaying.

Here are Europe’s cheapest holiday spots

The most affordable summer destination in Europe, given the above parameters, is the southern region of the Algarve, in Portugal, which is considered the country’s Riviera.

That sun-soaked area lapped by the Atlantic Ocean regularly attracts millions of visitors every year. It came out fifth overall in the world (retaining that spot from last year) and first in Europe with a total price of 69.90 euros for the eight items.

The second most affordable destination in Europe (7th overall) is Bulgaria’s Sunny Beach, which you can find on the Black Sea Coast and is known as a nightlife-heavy spot that attracts crowds of young people, yet it is also conveniently located near cultural sites, such as UNESCO-listed Nessebar. There, the eight-item basket costs 73.17 euros.

The third most affordable holiday spot in Europe (and 10th overall) is Paphos in Cyprus. Believed to be the birthplace of none other than the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite, it boasts a wealth of theatres, palaces and tombs from different periods of Antiquity. The common item basked there will set you back 85.86 euros.



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