Like any other organization, football clubs can lead more sustainable lives, Source: Unsplash

These are Europe’s most sustainable football clubs

These are Europe’s most sustainable football clubs

All hail the adoption of ESG mentality in the largest sports sector on the continent

These days, one of the most important qualities we use to judge some aspects of life is how sustainable it is. From public transport to construction, from tourism to waste management – decarbonization has left no stone unturned. So, why should it be any different for what probably is Europeans’ biggest passion and pastime – football?

The consultancy firm Brand Finance has prepared what could be considered the first sustainability ranking in football by using three key sustainability metrics – Environment, Social and Governance (or ESG). And the club that came out on top was Liverpool FC (England), followed by Real Betis (Seville, Spain) and Real Madrid (also Spain).

The score indicates how the club performs off the pitch

With the new ranking, green-minded football fans can now check how their favourite team performs not only on the pitch but also outside of it and behind the scenes in terms of environmental considerations.

Liverpool’s strong ESG score is underpinned by its engagement in extensive community projects, primarily through Liverpool’s own initiatives ‘The Red Way’, ‘LFC Foundation’ and ‘Red Neighbours programme’. Liverpool has also been vocal in communicating the positive strides the club has made towards becoming a truly sustainable club, further building its reputation amongst fans and securing its position at the top of the ranking.

Real Betis are 2nd in perceived sustainability following the success of its ‘Forever Green’ program. This is an open sustainability platform for companies and institutions that want to use football to increase awareness amongst the population about the reality of climate change.

Fellow Spanish football giant Real Madrid followed closely behind in 3rd, reflecting its continued effort to grow its environmental protection policy as a crucial component of its sustainability strategy. Key areas within Real Madrid’s environmental agenda include material and waste recycling and sustainable water usage.

Both Spanish clubs are building a reputation as sustainability champions, subsequently leading the way in fan perception in Spain and Europe alike. 



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