Thessaloniki authorities, businesses and citizens band together to protect the vulnerable

Thessaloniki authorities, businesses and citizens band together to protect the vulnerable

The municipality is expanding its social safety net over the holidays in order to protect as many people as possible

The year has been tough for many citizens of Greece. The lockdowns and the pandemic have taken their toll on society and many are eagerly awaiting better times. Yet until they come, local authorities in Thessaloniki are banding together with the city’s businesses and citizens in order to provide those who have suffered the most with ample relief over the holiday season.

Making good on a promise

As TheMayor.EU reported earlier this month, the municipality of Thessaloniki suggested that it will significantly be bolstering its social offer over the holidays. Now, concrete actions have already been taken by the city’s government. The actions taken by authorities are harmonized with the special conditions that society experiences in regard to the implementation of measures to protect public health from the risk of further spread of the coronavirus COVID-19.

"During these days of celebration, solidarity and love prevail. Especially this year, when in the midst of a huge collective effort we are all fighting to protect public health and alleviate the effects of the pandemic, we must stand by and close to our weakest fellow citizens.

It is our duty but above all a moral duty to support, embrace and care for everyone. No one should be left alone and unprotected, not only now - at this time - but every day of the year", said in a statement the Mayor of Thessaloniki Konstantinos Zervas, emphasizing that "In this effort, we are with joined by a multitude of companies, professionals and citizens - with donations, offers - whom we must thank. All of us together, an alliance of the good from the city, we offer a surplus of humanity."

The actions undertaken by the municipality include food distribution, available until 22 December, the distribution of packages of consumables, clothes, toys and books in the days after, as well as the provision of festive meals on the holidays themselves.

You can find full lists of locations where distribution will take place, items and sponsors on the municipality of Thessaloniki’s website.



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