Thessaloniki provides additional social support to citizens over Christmas

Thessaloniki provides additional social support to citizens over Christmas

Over the holidays, local authorities will be providing additional assistance to those heavily impacted by the pandemic

Christmas is not just about putting up decorations and handing out presents – it’s a spirit of community and charity, according to Thessaloniki’s local government. Over the last year, people across the world have been faced with incredible challenges, but some have had it far worse than others. It is precisely those people that authorities in the Greek city want to help this holiday season.

Bringing Christmas to the most disadvantaged

Speaking from the podium of the Municipal Council of Thessaloniki, the city’s Mayor Konstantinos Zervas pointed out that along with the Christmas decorations, which are necessary in order to create a climate of optimism in the city, actions with a strong social aspect are also currently underway.

"In this climate of pandemic and enormous challenges for any society, it is worthwhile to be able to maintain aspects and elements of normal life. It is worthwhile to maintain our optimism. Let us not succumb to fear, let us not be paralyzed by anxiety. For this reason, we will proceed to the Christmas decoration of the city - with prudence and logic - but at the same time with a strong will to support the city, to support its people ", explained Zervas, pointing out that, as in previous year the decoration will be acquired through sponsorships.

In addition to decoration, the city will also provide further support to socially vulnerable groups. According to the Mayor of Thessaloniki, during the festive period, about 5,500 boxes of food items, books, toys, etc. will be distributed to citizens from vulnerable groups. In addition, daily meals will be distributed to the homeless and to people in need. Especially in December and January, there will be daily outings of the Municipal Police and volunteers of the Municipality, in order to offer the necessary basic necessities to the homeless who do not wish to join the structures of the Municipality.

This year’s the municipality’s Christmas plans also include providing support to local artists through the digital organization of festive events, as well as to healthcare establishments by providing them necessary equipment.



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