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Thessaloniki seeks international input on renovation of Aristotle Square

Thessaloniki seeks international input on renovation of Aristotle Square

Local officials are eager for companies and architects from all around the world to submit their ideas for how to better the city’s main square

The Municipality of Thessaloniki is announcing an international architectural competition for the renovation of the square and the axis of Aristotle, after a relevant approval given by the Municipal Council.

"We seek through an international architectural competition to stimulate global interest in this regeneration and thus come up with a plan for the axis of Aristotle, which will integrate and capture the modern spirit of the city and its goals. Through this project, we wish to re-establish Thessaloniki on the world stage", said the Mayor of Thessaloniki, Konstantinos Zervas.

Embracing novelty and modernity

The Deputy Mayor of Technical Works, Ephraim Kyrizidis, presented the design of the Municipality of Thessaloniki in detail to the Municipal Council, noting that the goal is to produce a design that highlights the space as a strong landmark and at the same time is in harmony with the special characteristics of the area.

In particular, according to what the Deputy Mayor of Technical Works stated, the main axes of the renovation are:

  • The acquisition of a modern urban public space in accordance with the principles of sustainable mobility, bioclimatic design and the "smart city".
  • The restoration of the character of the axis of Aristotle as a single perceptual whole.
  • The emergence of the identity of the axis by removing all the various elements that gradually accumulated.
  • The integration on the axis of stopping, walking, recreation and gathering areas.
  • The functional and aesthetic connection of the public space of the axis with the ground floor galleries of the buildings that surround it.
  • Improving the image of the architecture of the city by formulating proposals for the facades/shop windows inside the ground floor galleries.
  • The design of urban equipment of high aesthetics and functionality.
  • The use of innovative, quality and low maintenance requirements for building materials.

The study area is developed in a surface of ​​32.5 acres from the coastal front to Egnatia Street. The study area also includes the sidewalks on Niki Avenue on both sides of the axis to Plutarchou and Demosthenous streets respectively, as they are an integral part of the overall image from the seafront. It is noted that the axis of Aristotle has great architectural, urban, historical and social significance and for this reason enjoys a status of protection.

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