Thessaloniki to host leading nanotechnology conference starting 4 July

Thessaloniki to host leading nanotechnology conference starting 4 July

For the first time the hallmark event will be held both live and online

Thessaloniki is set to become the centre of high tech entrepreneurship and science for a week, during the leading conference on nanotechnology and nanoscience Nanotechnology 2020. The conference is set to begin on 4 July and carry on for 7 days until 11 July.

Exceptional conference in unusual circumstances

Due to the exceptional circumstances that we all find ourselves in, related to the coronavirus pandemic, the city and the conference alike have had to adapt to a radically different way of doing things. Putting aside the now usual and strictly enforced hygienic and social distancing measures observed by authorities and organisers, Nanotechnology 2020 will also shift its gears – namely towards digitizing its delivery of content.

For the first time, the conference will be held both live with all the present guests adhering to strict measures and online in order to reach as many people as possible – more specifically those who will not be able to attend due to travel bans and the suspensions of flights.  

Nanotechnology 2020 and COVID-19

The conference will gather together the top scientists, engineers, university representatives and tech companies to the table in order to learn from each other and discuss and promote new nanotechnology products as well as the growth of the entire sector itself.

Perhaps the most topical and most interesting of the panels will be those related specifically to COVID-19 and its handling and spread. Many new innovations will be presented on the conference floor which might prove useful to authorities throughout Europe when they are devising new approaches to dealing with the pandemic.

Nanotechnologies are already being employed in Europe’s cities in order to disinfect surfaces, allowing citizens to be and feel safer when traversing the urban area. Such is the case in Prague, with the local government embracing new technologies in order to protect the life and health of its constituents.



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