The Pantheon has set the standard for dome structures for millenia, Source: Unsplash

This iconic Rome landmark will cost money to visit

This iconic Rome landmark will cost money to visit

The plan to charge visitors an entry fee to the Pantheon has been revived by the Italian Cultural Ministry

The Pantheon is one of the most remarkable architectural sites in the Italian capital of Rome. The ancient dome, which has set the architectural standard for domes worldwide, is also completely free to visit. However, that might not be the case for too long.

According to Wanted in Rome, citing a statement from the Italian Ministry of Culture, the national authorities have decided to set an entrance fee in the near future, though no exact date has been specified as of yet. Access to the impressive and unique structure has been free until now thanks to its use as a church since the 7th century. The only time when restrictions have applied to tourists are liturgy sessions.

The proposed fee is 2 euros

The Pantheon in the historic centre of Rome was built by Emperor Hadrian between 119-128 AD, making it nearly 2000 years old. Its original function has been disputed though it has been proposed that it has always served as a religious temple.

The original proposal for the introduction of paid access actually dates back at least 6 years ago, however it didn’t come to fruition. Now the plan has been dusted off by the cultural authorities with an admission fee of 2 euros being suggested, according to Wanted in Rome.

In order to follow through with the idea, the authorities have started negotiations with the Catholic Church in order to change the status of the landmark. It will still serve as a temple and will be free to access during religious services.

As for the reasons to introduce an entry fee, Italian Cultural Minister Gennaro Sangiuliano apparently cited examples of other European historic sites, such as the Musèe de l’Armèe in Paris where visitors are charged 14 euros to visit the tomb of Napoleon, or Westminster Abbey in London which has an entry fee of 25 euros.

The collected funds from the fees will go towards financing the conservation and upkeep of the Pantheon.



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