Magnificent view from the bridge, Source: Umbria Tourism

This Italian region now has Europe’s highest Tibetan bridge

This Italian region now has Europe’s highest Tibetan bridge

It’s not for the faint-hearted

This past weekend, tourist organizers inaugurated the highest Tibetan bridge in Europe in the mountainous region of Umbria. The bridge dangles 175 m high connecting the villages of Sellano and Montesanto going over a lake-filled valley that lies between them.

Crossing the bridge, however, is meant more as an adventure experience and is meant for those who like a thrill and a challenge in their tourism activities.

Do you have what it takes to cross the bridge?

The Tibetan bridge in question has a length of 517.5 metres, which is a bit more than half a kilometre. It is composed of 1,023 steps, which have gaps between them for added thrill and difficulty.

It takes between 30 and 45 minutes to walk its entire length and given its location, there are some conditions.

For starters, it goes without saying, you simply have to be up to the task to brave the experience and thus it is not recommended for people who have a fear of heights. Those who are courageous enough will be equipped with a safety harness linked to a rail along the bridge.

Visitors must be at least 120 cm tall as well as being in good mental and physical health and not suffer from altitude sickness.

The bridge will be open continuously in both the summer and winter seasons. Tickets cost 25 euros and can be bought online by selecting a time slot. Here’s a link for more information.

The bridge will be part of a circular trekking route, which starts from Lake Vigi along the valley floor path, reaches the Cascate delle Rote passing through the medieval village of Montesanto to arrive at Sellano via the bridge itself.



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