Nørrebro launched a Car-free Sunday this year

This neighbourhood in Copenhagen is the coolest in the world

This neighbourhood in Copenhagen is the coolest in the world

Despite the events of the past 18 months, Nørrebro has thrived

Annually, Time Out conducts research to find out which are the world’s coolest neighbourhoods of the year. Unsurprisingly, the events of the past 18 months have had a tremendous impact on the 2021 ranking as people’s priorities and definitions of what is considered ‘cool’ have changed.

With the worldwide lockdowns, border restrictions, and COVID-related limitations, people are now eager to dive headfirst into new experiences and social outings. Acknowledging this, experts at Time Out polled 27,000 city-dwellers and asked local experts to help put together a list of the world’s coolest districts based on the following factors: culture, nightlife, food, drink, community spirit, resilience, and sustainability.

Nørrebro is the coolest neighbourhood in the world

Following its research, Time Out compiled a list with a total of 49 neighbourhoods from all over the world. Copenhagen’s Nørrebro ranked at the top, earning the impressive title of “the world’s coolest neighbourhood”.

This Danish district is multicultural, diverse, and popular with lovers of arts and culture. The neighbourhood has a large number of hip bakeries, trendy coffee shops, award-winning restaurants, late-night bars and indie shops. Moreover, Nørrebro is the home of Assistens Cemetery, where the graves of notable figures such as Hans Christian Andersen can be found.

In 2021, the neighbourhood proved its commitment to sustainability with a new community initiative: a Car-free Sunday. On this day, Nørrebro’s residents ditched their vehicles to transform roads into flea markets and open spaces for cultural events.

Beyond this, artists in the area also launched a local art project titled Usynlige Stier (Invisible Paths) in 2019. On its Facebook page, the project’s organisers reveal that the Invisible Paths can be seen as a radical experiment that aims to bring life to the local area with four permanent artworks. To achieve this goal, professional artists will work alongside the district’s inhabitants until 2022.

With so many things to do and see in Nørrebro, it is not surprising that this Danish neighbourhood has earned the title of the world’s coolest neighbourhood.

Two EU cities with notable districts

Among Time Out’s top 10, one can find two more neighbourhoods located in EU cities. Vilnius’ Station District has ranked 5th on the list thanks to its creative energy. Residents in this neighbourhood can marvel at street art, visit venues hosting fashion shows, film screenings and music gigs, as well as eat at trendy restaurants and hip cafes.

Budapest’s XI District (also known as Újbuda) also ranked high on the list, earning 7th place. Over the last few years, this neighbourhood has flourished as cultural institutions, cafes, and bars began to settle. Now, Time Out reports that one can see repurposed spaces (such as a bar in a former bus depot) that set the neighbourhood apart from others.

With the saddening events of the past year and a half, it is comforting to see that the arts and culture have survived. More importantly, it is inspiring to see what community spirit and resilience can achieve.



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