Laying down the eco-asphalt section of the Croatian Greenway, Source: City of Zagreb

This new Zagreb cycling path is green in more ways than one

This new Zagreb cycling path is green in more ways than one

The new lane features the first eco-asphalt cover in the Balkan country

The City of Zagreb was proud to announce that, for the first time in Croatia, a new eco-asphalt cover has been used in the construction of a new cycling path along the southern bank of the Sava River between the Blato district to the Sava Bridge.

The material used for the path surface has been described as unique due to its technical profile, which means its production is less harmful to the environment without sacrificing its quality parameters.

Eco-asphalt uses natural bitumen, which is made from carbohydrates, proteins, resins, lignin, wax and fat. Procurement of natural bitumen is much simpler - asphalt production does not depend on oil production and refinery, there are no costs for bitumen in liquid state and no deterioration of bitumen quality due to delays in production. Its production is thus also more cost-effective.

Part of the Croatian Greenway project

It only makes sense that infrastructure promoting sustainable mobility, should itself be sustainable as well. In order to draw attention to the environmentally friendly profile of the cycling path, the asphalt comes in green colour itself.

The Zagreb Municipality stated that after the asphalting process, there will be “landscaping works, installing benches and equipment, and final works on the rest area by the pedestrian bridge”.

Actually, the stretch in question is part of a grander project called Greenway, which envisions the creation of a cycling path along the course of the Sava River, from the Slovenian border to Turopolje, with a length of 160 kilometres. On its way, it passes through the capital city Zagreb.

The eco-asphalt section is part of the 5th phase of the project, which consists of nine stages altogether.



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