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This winter, visit these top 3 budget-friendly European destinations

This winter, visit these top 3 budget-friendly European destinations

In a way, we’re starting to yearn for the frosty season already

If you’re one of these people who is not limited by seasonal constraints and loves to discover new spots any time of the year, then check out the 3 best budget-friendly cities to visit come the winter in Europe.

The car-rental website has compiled its annual ranking of the most affordable winter destinations on the Old Continent so that people can start planning early. And in times of inflation rates more akin to a roller coaster ride it’s always a good timing to be able to travel without breaking the bank.

The three best budget-friendly cities are Krakow (Poland), Prague (Czech Republic) and Brussels (Belgium).

What makes these cities stand out?

Poland’s best-preserved historic city, Krakow, has affirmed its status as a premier winter destination once again, having also snatched the top spots in the same ranking in the previous two years as well.

The city is home to attractions such as Wawel Cathedral and the retro Krakow Pinball Museum. Compared to the other cities in the ranking, Krakow has the cheapest car rental and hotel costs, and it has managed to retain its affordable status despite inflation swings.

The Czech capital Prague has garnered a strong reputation as an attractive destination for winter tourism as well thanks to its wonderful Christmas market, which alone has also garnered numerous accolades in recent years. In addition, there is a very wide range of cheap places to dine at and/or have a beer, of course.

Brussels, which placed third, dazzles with its great offer of free attractions, which balances out nicely the fact that it is otherwise more expensive as a destination compared to the other two. Plus, getting there is always easy and affordable thanks to its superb air route connections to all other European capitals.

The factors that were taken into account in compiling the ranking included the average cost of a week-long hotel stay, the number of cheap restaurants, the average car rental and flight costs, and the cost of the town’s biggest attraction.



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