Three German regions submit joint application for development of AI innovation park

Three German regions submit joint application for development of AI innovation park

Stuttgart, Karlsruhe and Neckar-Alb want to pool their resources together and become a hub for the development of AI

The regions of Stuttgart, Karlsruhe and Neckar-Alb have now jointly submitted the key points for their application to the state competition “Innovationspark KI Baden-Württemberg”. Each of the three regions can demonstrate great scientific and economic strengths as well as potential in the field of artificial intelligence. The regions want to pool their competencies, jointly create an AI ecosystem, present themselves as the ideal location for an innovation park for artificial intelligence and strengthen Baden-Württemberg in terms of AI.

Taking the lead in AI development

An AI innovation infrastructure that is unique in Europe is to be created in the centre of Baden-Württemberg, in which companies can develop, test and internationally market AI applications, products and business models in cooperation with science, society and public administration. The partners want to underline this innovative collaboration by founding a joint

Stuttgart itself intends to support the development of the innovation park KI Baden-Württemberg with up to 5 million euros for investments in the Stuttgart location and the municipal council has authorized the administration to do so.

The city’s acting mayor Dr. Fabian Mayer stated that “The three participating regions are all hotspots for artificial intelligence and are among the strongest innovation and business locations in Baden-Württemberg. This association is unique. Stuttgart's international radiance is strengthened by the participation and potential for the job market, for startups, companies, science, research and development is raised. We have the opportunity to shape the discussion about ethical aspects of artificial intelligence and at the same time operate future-oriented economic development."

The strengths of the joint application lie in the fact that existing organizations and activities are networked, bundled and specifically supplemented with new ones. A particular advantage is the strong commitment of a large number of companies. The key issues paper provides for a cross-sector, integrated experimentation and data room for the new generation of AI innovations. In networked test fields and labs, the development and testing of innovative AI solutions in real environments are made possible. Potential users and the interested public can experience AI solutions here. In addition, AI-capable data can be generated and used jointly along the entire innovation chain.

The three regions expect their “Innovation Park KI Baden-Württemberg” to have international appeal, which will attract talent, start-ups and investments. The innovation park will provide independent content contributions for European sovereign, sustainable and safe AI technologies for business, science, society and the public sector.

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