During the redevelopment, the existing footpaths will be widened and infrastructure will be constructed from natural materials, Source: Adrien Tutin / Unsplash

Timişoara gets green light for a 520-hectare forest park

Timişoara gets green light for a 520-hectare forest park

According to Mayor Dominic Fritz, the Forest Park is a project that is decades in the making and the citizens deserve it

Yesterday, authorities in Timişoara, Romania, announced that the nearby Green Forest (Pădurea Verde) will be transformed into an eco-park. The city received permission for the project from the Ministry of the Environment after two years of local authorities managing the forest.

Slight, but sustainable, changes

The area has an impressive size of 520 hectares and includes the city zoo, which should become a green, forest-like park, with minimal intervention from the municipality. This intervention would include widening certain existing paths and using natural materials like wood and gravel to make them sturdier.

According to an official statement, Mayor Dominic Fritz explained that the existing paths will also be marked for cyclists and pedestrians. The park would also have additional benches and gazebos.

Importantly, as the mayor noted, the idea is that infrastructure should not disrupt the pristine and wild nature of Pădurea Verde. He continued by saying that this is a green project at its core and no trees will be cut down during the development process.

According to the deal between the municipality and the Ministry of the Environment, the city needs to finish developing an impressive 10.5 kilometres of paths in the next five years.

A long time coming

The city initially acquired the land in 2020, during former mayor, Nicolae Robu, with the express purpose of building a park. Since then, authorities have been managing around 52 hectares, however, now the works will be expanded to the whole area.

As reported by AGERPRESS, Mr Robu had a very similar vision of what the park was to become, including minimal intervention and using the park as a space for education, sports and recreation. Dominic Fritz, who stayed the course on Pădurea Verde also remarked that this was a project in the making for decades and Timişoara’s citizens deserved it.



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