Torremolinos' attractive recycling containers, Source: Ayuntamiento de Torremolinos

Torremolinos ups its recycling game with these fancy containers

Torremolinos ups its recycling game with these fancy containers

The Costa del Sol municipality has maintained its waste generation rates despite an increase in population

When we talk about good practices, maybe there’s something we can learn from the Spanish municipality of Torremolinos, which has set a vision of being a national leader when it comes to recycling.

For one, take a look at these cool and modernist recycling containers that the local authorities installed last year in a bid to beautify the recycling areas, called “ecological islands” in the local parlance.

Each of the bins is covered in vinyl and features beautiful images from municipal sites plus information about the waste that must be deposited inside them. In a way, they are like futuristic mailboxes for trash.

Speaking of futuristic initiatives today, Torremolinos also decided to enlist

The help of AI for boosting recycling rates

last month. Thanks to mathematical algorithms, the AI will combine data from the green containers and their usage and filling rates together with socio-demographic data from the neighbourhoods in order to boost by a further 3% the already exemplary levels of glass recycling habits among the local residents.

When 9,500 residents are identified, they will receive informational letters informing them that an environmental educational team will visit them to provide them with all the information about the campaign, resolve doubts and highlight the importance of recycling glass containers to the environment and the sustainable future of Torremolinos.

It’s no surprise that the Costa del Sol town is 10% higher than the national average when it comes to recycling rates. Recent data showed that despite an increase in inhabitants, the waste generated has remained at virtually the same levels between 2022 and 2023. Meanwhile, the collection rates for glass, cardboard and light packaging have actually even increased in that period.



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