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Tourist resort development back in full force in Cyprus

Tourist resort development back in full force in Cyprus

Work on the Ayia Napa marina has resumed with speed and vigour following months of delays

The imposition of lockdown restriction and the ban on foreign travel has created massive headaches for many large infrastructure and development projects across Europe. In Cyprus’s Ayia Napa this is most evident when looking towards the construction of the new Ayia Napa Marina.

Work on the site was suspended on the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, leaving the massive project abandoned and without progress for more than 3 months. But now, with the lifting of lockdown restriction and the removal of many barriers that were previously erected by national authorities, work on the project is continuing with renewed speed and vigour.

A crucial project for the local economy

The Ayia Napa Marina has been in development for several years now. In 2019 the project’s first phase was completed, creating its main breakwater and allowing for the marina to become at least partially operational. Currently, the venue allows for boats and yachts to be docked at its premises either in wet or in dry storage.

With the lifting of lockdown restrictions, the project is finally properly advancing into its 2nd stage. Throughout it, onlookers will observe the erection of two massive towers, 100 metres in height, which will boast some 220 apartments. Work on the commercial area of the venue will also proceed as planned.

The 2nd part of the project covers a total area of 4000 square metres and will provide ample space for cafes, restaurants, bars and shops. Furthermore, a parking lot will also be created, able to house some 550 vehicles. The construction also foresees the building of 35 luxury villas as well as the creation of venues for a number of clubs and a gym.

Upon completion, the entirety of the marina will provide not only a great touristic opportunity but also hundreds of jobs to locals. Combined, these two crucial elements will drive economic growth and improve the lives of citizens in the region.



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