Manilva's new bench, Source: Ayuntamiento de Manilva/ Facebook

Towns in Andalucia are installing giant benches, here’s why

Towns in Andalucia are installing giant benches, here’s why

There’s even a dedicated route of these objects in the southern Spanish region

At the end of last week, the Municipality of Manilva, located between Gibraltar and Marbella, boasted about the installation of a new, and slightly unusual item – a giant wooden bench. The public furniture object measures 4 metres wide with a backrest of 2.3 metres, while its seat is at a height of 1.3 metres.

Why did the authorities of the small southern Spanish town feel the need to place this gigantic bench that makes one feel like he/she may have stumbled into an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ bizarro universe?

The answer is simple – it provides a better view of the panoramic surroundings. Plus, it satisfies the urges of a picture-snapping and social media-posting generation of people. In fact, this is not even the first such bench in Andalucia. The region now has an entire dedicated Route of the Giant Benches. Other towns that feature this type of urban furniture are Archez and Porcuna.

Getting creative about getting appealing

Naturally, you may wonder how people are supposed to sit on the bench in order to enjoy its advantaged view over the area. Not to worry. The giant bench has a convenient step ladder at its front that lets those of shorter stature and children get up on its seating surface.

This unique setting will become part of the “Charming Corners” marked tourist spots in the municipality with the name “Mirados del Peñoncillo” (‘’Views from the Peñoncillo’). When visitors sit on the bench, they will be able to enjoy a fantastic panoramic view of the coast and the mountain ranges such as Sierra Bermeja, Crestillina, Hacho de Gaucín and even La Concha de Marbella.

The bench is the latest tourist magnet addition by the municipality. Last year, they also installed a swing on a beach that carries the sign ‘Besame en el mar’ (“Kiss me in the sea”).



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