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Tree for treats: donate food to Krakow’s pet shelter and get a free fir

Tree for treats: donate food to Krakow’s pet shelter and get a free fir

There is a sustainability side benefit - all Christmas trees will be re-planted on municipal terrains after the holidays

In a push for a more sustainable Christmas, that is also animal-friendly, Krakow has just announced a special holiday exchange. In particular, this year one can rent a potted Christmas tree for the holidays at no cost, in exchange for a donation of food for the municipal pet shelter. The action seems to be taking locals by storm.

Getting a Christmas tree can also be good for the natural world

Just two days ago, on 19 December, the Municipal Greenery Board of Krakow, Poland, announced that they will be giving free Christmas trees for rent. The catch? One needs to contribute a donation of a minimum of 5 kilograms of food for dogs or cats (high-meat, grain-free) that will go to a local shelter.

The system is very simple: one needs to apply via an electronic form to participate. The principle is first-come-first-served.

The potted plants can be collected until the day before Christmas when the food donations are to be given as well. The trees must be returned shortly after the holidays (between 9 and 22 January), so they can be replanted by the municipal team and get a second chance in life.

In this way, the city authority stimulates locals to celebrate an environmentally friendly holiday season with no cutting down of living trees, while also contributing to the well-being of animals without a home.

Needless to say, the action strongly appeals to both animal lovers and to the adepts of the green cause. A testimony to the appreciation of the action is that only two days after its launch, the campaign has reached its capacity and is no longer accepting applications for a free Christmas tree. Those who want to donate food for the animals, however, are always welcome.



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